Letter to the Universe: Today, I Am Letting Go…

I’ve never shared a journal entry with anyone before.

Today, I’m going to share one with you.

I’m nervous, but I’m also confident in knowing that if there’s one entry that deserves to be the first entry I ever share with you, it’s this one.

Quick Preface

One day I felt like I had (what I thought was) a brilliant idea…

It was right after I focused myself into feeling great. I felt like I was finally understanding the concept of ‘letting go’. I think for most people, that’s a big leap. For me, it definitely was. Being able to completely “let go” is an accomplishment, in my opinion.

I was feeling like I really understood it. And not just on an intellectual level like usual. This time, I felt it within me. That feeling where I just know everything is perfect. Where you know you’re taken care of. And I wanted to maintain that feeling Really bad! And most importantly, I wanted to be able to conjure it back whenever I wanted – on demand!

My idea was to write out the thoughts that were triggering that feeling. And I did. I figured that hopefully, whenever I read those thoughts again later, I’ll get the feeling back.

I also decided that it would be perfect to read first thing in the morning to get the ‘great feeling’ momentum going.

As I started writing, for some reason, it came out scripted as a letter to God, to the Universe. I don’t remember actually thinking that I’m going to write a letter. Yet, that’s what I ended up doing as I wrote.

Today, 6 months later I re-read it and it worked in igniting that feeling again. I felt it – maybe not as powerfully as the day I wrote it – but I definitely felt that sense of peace.

What I’m wondering is… does it work for you? Or is it just something I resonate with because I wrote it. I guess there’s only one way to find out…

The Letter

Dear God,

I have come to a realization today.

I’ve always (or what feels like always) known that in creation, it’s the process that we crave, which we find joy in. Today, I feel it and understand it within. I’m excited, curious, intrigued, eager, and anticipating the way in which you will bring my intentions into physical reality! This is fun!

I’ve also known that all things are because of you. Every single thing that takes place is by your will. Today, I have taken this to heart. I realize now that I’ve never been in “control” really. It’s always been you. Me, attempting to control, has only disconnected us from each other and thus, slowed the manifestation process down.

Today, I am letting go of all control.

Today, I am surrendering myself (in mind, body) completely to you. Today, I am dropping expectations from the physical, conscious “me” and trusting you, 100%.

Today, I realized that you are the governor of all things. Today, I surrender my mind and body to be governed by you and thus, I free myself today, to just “sit back, relax” and watch your amazing show. Let’s see what you got!

I believe my “job” is to set intentions, because I’m out here on the leading edge, experiencing the contrast and thus, I can identify, consciously the targets we should aim for. I can do that! That’s so much fun. I don’t mind being in the driver’s seat, deciding the destination, while you give me the directions, while we journey together towards on new adventures.

Now that I’ve given up all control to you God, I feel ease. I feel relieved, optimistic, happy, content, eager, and I am in complete appreciation for all that you do. I feel love for you and all that is, I feel a sense of great anticipation, like a kid entering a toy store knowing I can have anything I want.

Today, I vow to see all experiences as the gifts they are, because otherwise I know you wouldn’t make them a part of my reality. Sometimes I forget that you’re always with me. You’ve always had my back. You’ve always been looking out for me. Today, I vow to do all that I can, to never forget you again.

Most importantly, today I vow to never again rely on conditions (like my intentions manifesting) to be happy and to continue loving and appreciating you in all that you do for me.

Today, I vow to let you do your thing and naturally evolve me into the fully blossomed flower I was meant to be (analogy reference: a flower relies on nothing but nature to blossom, it has zero resistance).

I am an extension of you, I realize that. From this point forward, I want to experience life with you, from your perspective, from your senses. Let’s do this. 

Thank you God. 

I love you. 


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