How I Became a Manifestation Master

Calling myself a “Manifestation Master” is not really my style. It’s a bit strange. Partly because I don’t want to come across as self-proclaiming and lacking humility. Yet, that is the only label I can come up with to convey that I have been for a long time and I am currently, creating my physical reality exactly how I want it.

And that is exactly what this website is about too – mastering the art of manifestation. Recently, I was inspired to create this website and write this article for anyone who is also an advanced creator, or anyone who is looking to become one.

Inspiration is beautiful, don’t you agree? When you feel inspired to do something, when you feel inspired to take some kind of action, you know that act is going to lead to a manifestation – something that’s been ready to sprout in your life for quite a while. Something that’s been in your vortex, waiting for you to get in alignment with it.

I’ve always wanted to be inspired ‘on demand’. That would be cool. I regard inspiration very highly because I believe inspiration is equal to the actual manifestation.

Can you see how that could be true?

I don’t think the result is separate from the means, it is equal to it. When an inspired idea comes along, for example, you know the path is lighting up for you, showing you exactly where to go. It’s the path to get your desired result. Thus, I see the idea as equal to the manifestation itself.

What comes after an inspired idea is a strong positive emotion. That emotion, is also a manifestation. I know that emotion is going to lead me to whatever it is that I need. That’s why you should always be acting on your highest excitement, your highest joy, to achieve your desired intentions quicker.

Manifestations don’t have to be tangible things. Most people think manifestations are the end result. Truth is, we’re all artists – creators and architects of our reality. Most think manifestation is the finished painting. It’s not. The inspiration to pick up the brush and start painting, the idea of what to paint and how to paint, the strategy to bring your imagined visual to life, stroke after stroke, the entire journey from the moment of inspiration to the end result… those are all manifestations. Each step is a manifestation.

Personally, the moment of inspiration is the best part. It’s that initial spark. And then acting on the inspiration is like lighting a match, then lighting a firework and then experiencing the few seconds before the amazing show. The anticipation, the excitement, of that moment before the show starts, is something to be cherished like you’re watching the last minute of a sunset. That’s how the entire journey should feel. That same level of expectancy of fun.

Once I developed and truly absorbed this perspective, I took a giant leap in understanding how to create my own reality. If you haven’t already, try to see this perspective regularly and see how much faster you cross different intentions off your list.

Inspiration is particularly beautiful to me, because it is that internal manifestation of your relationship with your inner being. It’s your inner being, your higher mind, your Source, communicating with you. Or more accurately, it’s you tuning into who you truly are and finally receiving the message that’s been patiently waiting for you all this time – waiting for you to finally recognize it.

Reminds me of what my friend Dr. Wayne Dyer once told me; inspiration is literally being ‘in spirit’.

So yes, me being inspired to write this article, means this is definitely a step towards one of my most important visions. To keep it short, in my vision I see a world full of conscious creators. We’re all creating constantly. Some people are consciously doing it, others are doing it unconsciously.

This is the first article I’m writing on this website. I believe that me writing this article, and you reading it, is a first major step towards making ‘a world of conscious creators’ a reality.

So I hope you stay until the end. If you feel inspired to.

Manifestation Used To Take Long For Me… Until I Realized This

The process from ‘inspiration’ to ‘end result/external manifestation’ doesn’t always last for a few seconds like in the firework analogy. For most things, it takes longer. People have great visions to see some amazing fireworks in their life that they have been intending and envisioning for way too long.

Manifestation used to take long for me too. Until I realized that it is up to me to stay in touch with the excitement, the anticipation, the eagerness that came when I first sparked the match. When I was first inspired. It is up to me let that spark fuel me as I make my way to the firework, to the end result. It is up to me to stay in that positive place of ‘knowing’ and ‘expecting’ the entire time. To stay connected, until the amazing show inevitably explodes into my reality (usually even better than I could have ever imagined).

Staying in that positive place is what “enjoying the process” is all about. That’s what “enjoying the journey” is all about. Are you enjoying the journey you’re on right now?

Whether you realize it or not, you’re definitely on one. The sun in your life is about to rise, and it’s going to rise no matter what, why not enjoy the beautiful view until does? Why not enjoy its rising process? Why not enjoy the process by which your intentions are coming into physical manifestation? How can you enjoy it? By recognizing that no matter what you’re going through right now, this current life experience is part of your journey to achieve your intentions. Everything is happening for a reason.

You can always find a way to enjoy your journey, to see the beauty in it. The irony is that the sooner you start to enjoy the process, the faster it will go. Isn’t that strange? The more you’re enjoying the sunrise, the faster it seems to rise. But if you’re sitting there, bored, counting the seconds it takes to rise, imagine how long that would feel like.

Do you want quicker physical manifestations? Start enjoying the process.

My New Relationship to the Law of Attraction

I believe in the Law of Attraction, whole-heartedly. I live it. I breathe it. I’m friends with it. And I think that’s so awesome; I’m literally friends with the ‘manager’ of the Universe!

What do I mean by ‘manager’? I like to look at Law of Attraction as the personal manager of my life. If my life is my personal business, and if I’m the CEO of my life, I trust the Law of Attraction, as my manager, my friend, to take care of everything for me. I just have to 1) make sure I communicate my desire, my “company” vision clearly – that’s only if I want something specific and 2) trust with all my heart and mind that my manager has my back at all times.

It was a little difficult at first, but today, after years of obsessing over understanding it, I can confidently say that I AM the creator of my reality. I AM a master of manifestation. In fact, to put it another way, today I can joyously say that “I AM the master of my fate… the captain of my soul.”

Did you immediately know who that quote is by? And do you know the reason I capitalized the I AMs? If so, stick around – I’ve created this website to attract those who, like me, have been immersed in understanding law of attraction, life, spirituality, success, etc. for quite a while. Those who have been immersed in understanding how all of it ties together.

In fact, I trust my manager so much that I am confident that law of attraction has brought you to me here (or brought me to you). I know exactly who I want to be reading this article – and I lately I have been projecting that image to my manager. You might already be feeling our connection and appreciating the fact that you decided to click and read this article. If on some level, my thoughts and my words are resonating with you, then stick around because it’s about to get more interesting and our connection may deepen.

It feels incredibly amazing to know that I can do, be, or have anything that I want. It feels freeing and empowering that anything and everything is possible for me.

I’ve never made such statements publicly. It feels kind of weird saying them. Even though every bit of those statements are 100% true for me, it almost even feels like bragging. But I know it’s not bragging because bragging requires an active ego, and you see, I have been working on silencing my ego for many, many years now. Unlike my younger days, I now see everyone as equals, because I now see everyone for who they truly are.

I say ‘silencing my ego’ because I don’t believe the ego can ever be completely eliminated, as long as you are here physically. Contrary to popular belief, enlightenment isn’t a permanent state of being. There’s no light switch inside of us that turns ego on or off. It’s always there. It’s more like a volume knob that can be quieted and silenced consistently. With practice, perhaps even completely muted.

I feel blessed because most of the time, I am just reaping all the amazing profits my manager is bringing to me, as a result of just… living. Before that statement would have been ‘as a result of… my efforts’. But today, I feel there is no more effort, per-se. I definitely take a lot of action to get what I want, but inspired action is always easy and effortless (as long and tedious as it may seem to the unaware, third person).

A New Outlook on Success Changed My Life

We all want to be successful. For some people that’s obvious. For others who don’t think they want success, they’re either not being true to who they are, or they simply don’t know what it means.

All my life, I have been immersing myself in understanding ‘success.’ At a very young age, I decided that I want to be successful. Whatever would shed new light for me on the subject, I’d embrace it. I’d read tons of books on success. Talk to people who I thought ‘had’ success. I didn’t feel satisfied for a long time.

Today however, I do. Today I have a clear perspective on what success is.

I’m going to share that perspective with you in hopes that it adds clarity for you, just as it did for me. At the end of the day, everyone has their own opinions. If you don’t agree with mine, that’s completely cool. The fact that you’re open-minded enough to read through it, and read through this entire article, means a lot and tells me that you’re the type of person I’ve created this website for.

With that said, let me give you a summary on how I came to understand what ‘success’ is. Perhaps I’ll write a much more detailed post on it later. For now, this should do.

First, I have two questions for you.

One, are you successful? Why or why not?

And two, when you think of ‘success’, who comes to mind? Can be one or more people.

Give it some thought before you continue. Really think about these questions if you want to get some value from what I’m about to say. Don’t read the next line until you’ve thought about these questions for at least 30 – 60 seconds.

Most people don’t know what “success” truly means. One of the biggest mistakes in my opinion, is the fact that most people don’t recognize that success has branches. There’s financial success, then there’s emotional success, physical success, relationship success, spiritual success… and you get the point.

Just knowing that alone, now you can see why some people might see Steve Jobs for example, as ‘successful’, when many others would disagree. Some would say he achieved great financial success so he’s successful, whereas others would argue that although that’s true, he wasn’t emotionally stable nor did he have physical success since he transitioned due to pancreatic cancer.

Knowing that there are different branches of success, are your answers still the same? Are you still successful? Is the person (or people) you thought of still successful?

At this point, you might be thinking that I’m saying that the definition of a ‘successful person’ is he or she who achieves success in all areas of their life (financial, physical, spiritual, etc.)

That’s somewhat true. But that’s not quite what I’m saying.

As I was on my search to understand success, I came across a particular definition of success that was quoted by many credible people. It resonated with me, but I didn’t quite understand it intellectually. I knew that if such credible people were quoting it, there had to be something to it.

I first heard Earl Nightingale mention it in The Strangest Secret, when he said that the best definition he was ever able to find on success was:

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Re-read that entire quote a few times. Take it in.

And when you’re ready, let’s break that entire statement down.

Key words: progressive, realization, worthy, and ideal.

Progressive; meaning increasing, growing, or developing. It means continuous; but continuous with an upward, positive trend to it. Pretty straightforward word.

The word ‘progressive’ is important in this quote because the moment you stop moving forward, you’re stagnant – and that is going against the principles of nature, which is to grow, to learn, to expand. Being stagnant is not success.

“MORE is the mantra of the universe.” – Abraham Hicks

Tony Robbins, after helping thousands (if not millions) of unhappy people says that the #1 key to happiness is progress. And according to that quote, you can’t be successful if you’re not progressing. Therefore, success by definition, comes with happiness.

Most claim that success is about achieving a particular goal – let’s say a certain amount of money. People work extremely hard to get to the place that is a symbol for happiness in their mind, and once they finally get there, they’re unhappy. I’m sure you’ve heard that “money doesn’t bring happiness.” It’s a harsh realization.

At the same time, a lot of people have ‘given up’ and are stagnant today because their belief systems don’t allow them to be successful – most people are indulging in ‘temporary happiness’ experiences but not really achieving ‘permanent fulfillment’ which comes only with progression.

Realization; now this is an interesting word. Have you ever thought about the word ‘realize’ closely before?

The dictionary defines ‘realize’ as:

  1. To become fully aware of something
  2. To cause (something desired or anticipated) to happen.
  3. To give actual physical form to.

For the spiritually inclined person, like you and me, I believe a good synonym for ‘realizing’ is ‘manifesting’.

Wouldn’t you agree?

So we can already see how ‘progressive realization’ basically means ‘continuous manifestations’.

Next: Worthy. Meaning something deserving, respectable. I think that’s a straightforward word too.

Lastly: Ideal. Now here’s another interesting word. Most people who write that quote on success, replace the word ‘ideal’ with ‘goal’. They think it means the same thing. But to me, that completely changes the meaning.

Here’s why.

Ideal is defined as:

  1. Satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect.
  2. Existing only in the imagination, desirable or perfect but not likely to become a reality.
  3. A person or thing regarded as perfect.

What is the ideal that Earl Nightingale is referring to in this definition?

Something didn’t quite add up – what does that mean? Does that mean that success is basically the continuous journey towards a never-attainable perfection?

I thought about that for quite some time. What does he mean by ‘ideal’?

A satisfying answer, or an epiphany in my opinion, made its way to me when a wise spiritual teacher once told me a truth that opened my eyes.

He told me that with every manifested experience you have, you’re unwrapping more of who you really are.

With every step along the journey of life, you’re realizing who you truly are. That made sense to me. I have learned more about myself with every major experience.

Think about it; every experience (especially the negative ones) that you have had – have they not shown you more of who you really are? Have they not moulded you into the person you are today? Does it not feel like they all happened for the unveiling of something bigger in your life? Have they not opened your eyes more? Are you not more aware today as a result of all that you have lived?

I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. That everything happens for the best. This truth was easy for me to absorb. With every experience, with every manifestation, we are refining our understanding of our true identity.

So the ‘worthy ideal’ that I believe is being referred to in this definition of success, is in essence, who you really are. I got that. It made sense.

Earlier we noted that the definition word ‘ideal’ is rooted in the concept of perfection. So wait, did that that mean I am labeling who I really am as ‘perfection’?

I asked myself:

  • Who am I, really?
  • What is my true identity?
  • What is that which is perfect within me?
  • What is the only entity I know of that is deserving of the label of perfection?

The last two questions hit home for me.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”- Rumi

The Universe, Source, God (whatever you wish to call it) is love. The Universe is perfect. And the “worthy ideal” the quote is referring to the Source within us, which is who we really are. With every experience, we’re peeling off another layer in seeing, remembering, and recognizing who we really are… Source. Most religions say that we’ve been created in the image of God. Most religions say that in order to know God, know yourself. Even though I’m not one you’d call ‘religious’, but I am spiritually inclined and I see the truth in those ideas.

Perfection is the Source energy that dwells within me, within all of us. This is the same Source energy that CREATES worlds. We have access to the same energy that creates worlds… to create our physical reality.

If I articulated it when I first had this realization, I would have said that: success is having the ability to continuously create the reality I desire.

Today, it’s clearer than that.

Most people are concerned with achieving goals. Most people think success has to do with achieving goals. It doesn’t. Not to me.

For me…

Success is the progressive journey, in this physical form, to uncover my true identity; my true identity as a Creator, as the Source energy that dwells within me.

That shows you that there is no real difference between achieving success and tending to your spiritual self. When you tend to your spiritual self, when you come into alignment with who you truly are, and if you have clear intentions, you begin manifesting. If you stay in alignment, you achieve intention after intention. With each achievement, you learn more about yourself. Eventually your intentions go beyond yourself, and you start creating intentions for the world. You’ll never stop making intentions, as long as you’re physically here. What’s going to determine if you’re successful or not, is how much fun you’re having, how happy you are – because once you’re progressing fast and achieving intention after intention after intention, then you’re literally on the roller coaster of life. Where you’re feeling extreme joy. And that’s when, by definition, you are successful.

You’re successful when you are achieving intention after intention or ‘goal after goal’, and as a result, are living an ecstatic life.

If you’re not achieving your intentions fast, you’re walking through life. Some people are running. Some are driving. I’m here to tell you that you can fly.

Think about the difference between walking and flying – with flying you feel free, you get a big picture view of what’s REALLY going in the world, you feel abundant, you feel unstoppable, you feel present, you feel blissful, you feel powerful.

You feel like a true “creator” would feel like… You feel God-like.

We’re all capable of feeling being successful.

You were born with wings. Why prefer to crawl through life?” – Rumi

So the question I was left with, was how can I achieve intention after intention, quickly and easily, so instead of walking in life, I can fly? I realized that achieving intentions is the same thing as successfully manifesting with the law of attraction. And I realized that with every conscious manifestation, we’re learning how to become better creators.

At this point, I knew everything I need to know. In that moment, I made my first, most powerful ‘intention’ that I have ever made. In that moment, I realized that I was going to become a Manifestation Master.

I realized that someone who is “successful”, is someone who is a Master of Manifestation. Because if you are a Manifestation Master, you are by definition, “progressively realizing a worthy ideal.”

Think about it, if you know you can create your reality to be just how you like it, what more could you want out of life? You have the ability to create financial success, physical success, relationship success. Emotional success is a given, since you’re in a constant state of happiness and joy. Spiritual success is a given, because it’s a part of the process. What more could you want out of life?

People look at me and tell me that I’m way too optimistic, positive, and happy (especially in times where everyone else is sad). People tell me to face reality. I ignore them. In fact, this scenario doesn’t even happen anymore. Wondering what happened to those people who wanted me to change my perspective? Either they changed their perspective or I don’t see them anymore. How did this happen? Because I’ve created my reality to the point where all the people around me are positive, encouraging, loving, respectful, genuine, appreciating. Want proof? Take a look at the qualities you possess. I’m confident that if we’re going to connect, you’re someone who shares these qualities as well.

And that leads me into explaining the primary reason for writing this article…

Clearly this isn’t a short article. It’s quite long. But it’s long for a reason. The first reason is obviously because the length was required to fully and clearly explain the depth of some of the concepts here.

The other reason is because this was also a ‘filtering’ strategy on my part. Basically, anyone who wasn’t interested and resonating with the content of this article has most likely stopped reading by now.

If you’re still here reading this, then I believe you’re someone who is here as a result of ‘our’ manager connecting us for a purpose, for something I have been envisioning for quite some time now.

With that said, below are two separate groups. Which one do you fall under?

Group 1: Are You a Manifestation Master?

Group 2: Do You Want to Become a Manifestation Master?

Group 1: Are You a Manifestation Master?

Usually one of the first proverbs I bring up when I’m trying to explain the Law of Attraction to someone is… “Birds of a feather flock together”.

People with similar interests will be found together. I love that. I love that the people around me are there because of the way I think. And I make sure to think thoughts in my favor.

With that mindset, I was recently inspired to create an official private online group for Master Manifesters. A mastermind group where those who have deliberately and consciously created the life of their dreams (the life they’re currently living right now), come together as a community, a family.

A mastermind group where we discuss deep spirituality, advanced manifestation techniques, and higher perspective intentions. We share our insights with each other. We fuel each other’s growth in all areas of life. Most importantly however, we discuss the most strategic ways to use our successes and our abilities together, to make a positive difference in the world, in the most powerful, efficient way possible.

Throughout this article, I’ve directly and subtly called out any Manifestation Master reading this post. If you felt called out and were wondering why I called you out, why even though I was talking about things you already knew… you continued reading, why you were inspired to read this post in the first place, and why you’re resonating with my thoughts and the words in this article, I believe it’s because your inner being was leading you to this:

I would like to extend an invitation to you to join our private online mastermind community of Master Manifesters.

Recently, I’ve decided to expand our group. I believe that a larger community of powerful creators collaborating together can lead to massive positive changes for us individually, as a community, and for the world at large.

Is this something you see yourself being a part of? Is this somewhere you feel you belong?

A question I’ve been getting recently is: “How can I classify myself as a Manifestation Master?”

Well that’s something you know internally. If you have to ask that, you probably aren’t there yet.

If you want a more objective answer, you probably are one if when you have an intention and you’re more than 90% sure that it will manifest in your reality. No one can be 100% sure because our inner being always knows what’s best for us and sometimes our intentions don’t line up with what’s in our best interest. You probably are one if you find yourself in a constant state of alignment, happiness, passion, purpose. If you’ve achieved success in, and are satisfied in, the major three areas of life (physical, relationship, and financial), then you probably are one.

To maintain the quality and integrity of the mastermind group, we have put two required ‘barriers’ in place, which for a genuine Manifestation Master, are extremely easy to get past. This is to ensure that only authentic advanced creators join. For anyone else, we have a second group detailed below.

First, there is a small selection process in the form of a questionnaire. All you have to do is fill out the answers to a few questions online. The questions are straightforward and created to help us evaluate your understanding of creation, law of attraction, spirituality, etc.

Second, the monthly membership is $100. That’s $1,200 a year. This is a necessary barrier. For most, that’s not an easy monthly/yearly payment. If you’re genuinely a Manifestation Master however, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Is it worth it? Sign up for a month and decide. Leave anytime.

Please know that for most group members, these two barriers are very important and serve as a ‘peace of mind’ factor by letting them know that everyone in the group is genuine, and their contribution can be one of high-quality.

If you’re interested in joining the advanced creators group, click here.

If you have questions, click here.

Group 2: Do You Want to Become a Manifestation Master?

When you’re on the journey to becoming a Manifestation Master, amazing things happen. I’m sure you’ve experienced some of them yourself.

For me, these moments were the most memorable:

  • When I noticed my first conscious manifestation and realized there’s something to the whole law of attraction thing! I thought of connecting with a friend who I hadn’t spoken to in years and he randomly called soon after.
  • When numbers started lining up. These still trip me out. The number alignments have been unreal and I feel appreciative every time. On the very day I decided use numbers as my indicators of alignment, my dad yelled out to me from the other room asking me ‘what’s the time?’ and I looked at my watch and I yelled back, astonished, “11:11pm!”
  • The moment I reflected back on my past and realized that I manifested a huge event in my life without even knowing it – and having that feeling constantly repeated with more and more reflection and more and more realizations of past manifestations.
  • The moment I looked back at one of my toughest journeys and realized that entire journey was part of the process to get me to where I am in this moment – and it was all part of the process – and if I stopped labeling it as ‘tough’ I would have enjoyed it more – because it was a self-moulding experience that’s never going to return.
  • The moment I realized I can successfully predict the future experiences of people around me, based on the way they think and act.
  • The moment I realized what all the ‘natural creators’ in my life have been doing all this time. These are close people in my life who always seemed to get what they want and have a lot of luck – it always got me very curious. I think it was a big part of the reason for why I started asking bigger questions.
  • The moment I realized that I can actually laugh during a moment of contrast, that I am so detached and so determined to be in alignment.
  • The moment I realized that I had successfully shifted parallel realities for the first time (of my knowing)
  • The moment I realized that I am truly unlimited in my potential
  • The moment I discovered my purpose, my vision

I almost don’t want to stop writing. These are some amazing memories and I can go on forever.

Being on this journey, I had a lot of questions. Sometimes I felt a lot of uncertainty. During those times, I really needed someone to talk to who understood this stuff. Someone who was on my ‘level’ of understanding. Not having anyone around, I would resort to reading or listening to recordings of spiritual masters and that would give me some peace in letting me know that everything would be okay, that I’m on the right path. I would talk to myself and write my thoughts in my journal and would wish I could discuss these things with others!

More often than not, I wanted to share these moments and new insights with others who were on the same page. Others who knew what I was talking about. Most people around me thought it was too ‘philosophical’ or ‘woo-woo’ when I talked about these things. A lot were interested but not interested enough. Not interested enough to go learn on their own, to research on their own, to apply teachings on their own, and then discuss it with me. It felt like I was the only one teaching others, all the time.

I didn’t mind it. I have a lot of knowledge to offer and I think the more people learn this, the better our world as a whole becomes.

At the same time, I wasn’t into public forums, blog commenting, YouTube video commenting, etc. Something about that didn’t feel secure enough for me to just go off with my personal thoughts, be myself, etc. Most of all, I wasn’t sure of the type of people reading posts – I didn’t know their intentions, I didn’t know if they were out to just argue all the time.

I know I would have LOVED being part of a private group with people who are on the same page as me. With people who share the same values as me.

I would have loved a group with people who are:

  • Positive
  • Open minded
  • Thirsty for knowledge
  • Growth oriented
  • Genuine
  • Humble
  • Honest
  • Able to give and receive
  • Intellectually-oriented
  • Reflective
  • Fun
  • Funny
  • Interesting
  • Interested
  • Open to different perspectives
  • Loving
  • Generally happy
  • Optimistic
  • Curious
  • Wanting more and more out of life
  • Passionate
  • Purposeful
  • Interested in spirituality, law of attraction, growth, success, freedom, psychology
  • Freedom-seeking
  • Inspired
  • Success-oriented

They say you’re the average of the top 5 people you hang around with. Which is why every success book you pick up will tell you to be extremely selective with the people in your environment.

I have no doubt that if I surrounded myself with people who were also trying to get the most of out of this physical experience using the law of attraction and having fun at the same time, all of our progress would have been more than 2x faster. I am certain that we would all have been living the life of our dreams much, much sooner than if we all tried to do it on our own.

I did it on my own. It took a while. But I am certain I would have gotten to where I am today, a year or two earlier, if I had a group I was progressing with.

So with all of these thoughts fueling me, I was recently inspired to create that group which I would have LOVED to be a part of several years ago. I was inspired to create this group for all the people who are in the same boat that I was in back then, for all the people who are itching to share their moments of insights, to ask their questions, to help others grow and learn, to learn from the mistakes and successes of others, to join a family of positive, fun, loving, smart, passionate people who are driven to become Manifestation Masters.

And as an added, ‘surprise’ bonus, this group will have me personally contributing everything I know in the art of manifestation. I will be there, as much as I can, guiding members towards the best path of becoming Manifestation Masters that I know of. Plus, I am sure there are many other Manifestation Masters, who will be inspired to join this group, solely to give back and help members get to their full potential.

I know this community is valuable because I, and many others who I know today, would have been in complete ecstasy, knowing something like this exists. The potential of this community is beyond any of our comprehension and that is the most exciting feeling in the world.

Is that a community that you wish to be a part of? Is that a community where you can see yourself thriving in? Do you share most of the above mentioned qualities? Do you want to become a Manifestation Master as soon as you possibly can?

If so, then I would like to invite you to join our online community of future Manifestation Masters.

Once again, we have two small barriers in place. These barriers are important, because without them, this would become exactly like a public forum. There would be no difference.

The intention of this community is to be a home for committed, serious people who are genuinely looking to make this group the best possible experience for themselves and for everyone else.

If this group was open to everyone with the click of a button, and free of charge, no one would take it seriously. A lot of people would just read others response and not comment. A lot of people would join just to spread negativity. A lot of people wouldn’t be willing to share their insights because they know there are other people who are just here to leech off their strategies, techniques, etc.

And those are just a few of the problems that result of not having barriers in place. There are a lot more.

With this system we have in place, with these mini barriers, we can minimize the amount of people who aren’t here to collaborate, and contribute for the benefit of everyone. Hopefully that gives you an understanding of why we have no choice, for now, but to implement these barriers.

With that said, here are the three mini barriers:

First, every new potential member will be asked to answer a few questions on a questionnaire that will help us evaluate you as an individual and your intentions for joining the group.

Second, there is a small $10 monthly membership fee. The membership fee helps in two ways.

First, like I mentioned before, it maintains that only people who are serious about becoming Manifestation Masters, join.

Secondly, even though it’s equal to the price of a small meal, it’s enough to hold most people accountable to themselves. Kind of like when you join a gym, just the fact that you’re paying for it, forces you to take action and get results because you don’t want to waste your hard-earned money. Although, this group is more like an investment because within the next year, you should be able to create a life of financial abundance for yourself with all that you will learn here (if financial abundance is something you value, of course).

Thirdly, you must contribute in discussions. We’re not monitoring the exact amount of times member’s post obviously. But we hope you contribute something. If there are members who never post, we’ll notice. We’ll reach out to you and let you know. If the silence persists for too long, we’ll kindly ask you to leave the group. We want to keep the community as high-quality as possible.

If all of that sounds good to you, click here to begin your process to join this community.

Or click here if you have any questions.

If you’re still reading, I am certain this won’t be our first co-created interaction.

I look forward to our growth together.

Stay connected,

Sam M.

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